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Pool Table Recover

Pool and snooker table recovering can be carried out using woollen napped cloths or nylon speed cloths from top quality cloth suppliers including includes Strachen and Hainsworth. There is a vast choice of colours to suit personal choices or room decor including black, purple, orange, green, blue and burgundy.

Cloths can become dried out or pool table cushions can become brittle and lose their bounce because of deterioration in the rubber. It’s often best to replace or realign the cushions when doing a pool table recover or a snooker table recover. Leather pocket lining replacement is also another option. Line marking are then added to the new cloth surface.

Recovering craftsmen will strip the slate base and check the condition of the cushions and slate for chips and blemishes before carrying out the pool or snooker table recover work. Once complete, the action on the tables will be transformed giving a vastly improved playing experience.

There are plenty of companies that will come and give you advice if your snooker or pool table is in a poor state, not level or if your cushions are unresponsive. They will usually quote you for slate bed repairs or replacement cloths and cushions.…

Employment Law for Employers

Employment Law Advice for EmployersKeeping up with UK Employment law and the changes to it can be a complex and time consuming task.  Good businesses want to do the right thing by their employees and know that good employee relations builds morale, inspires loyalty and helps with employee retention, all of which in turn helps productivity and business growth.  So whether you are seeking guidance on writing contracts of employment, developing HR policies and practices, support with the regulations governing maternity,  paternity and shared parental leave, dispute resolution or disciplinary matters to name but a few areas, where can you go for help and advice.

There are many companies that offer employment law advice for employers on case by case basis or who can be retained on an ongoing contract, meaning someone is at the end of the phone when advice is required.  The ACAS website can also be very useful, giving guidance in clear and simple language.  ACAS can also be helpful in assisting with dispute resolution.

The government also has many websites offering advice and guidance for example an A-Z on employing people that can be found on

For free employment law advice for employers

Help and support is out there you just need to know where to look.…

Pool Tables

Pool or ‘pocket billiards’ as it was once called is a popular game played at home and in pubs and clubs throughout the UK. Commercial premises mostly use coin operated tables where the players get access to all the balls by inserting coins into the slots.

A number of different games can be played the most common being ‘8 ball’ where 15 balls are used. This is the predominant game in the United States. A full description of the different games can be found at

The World Pool-Billiard Association (WPA) was formed in 1987 , is based in Sydney Australia and is the international governing body for pocket billiards. The organisation sanctions tournaments around the world for 8, 9 and 10 ball championships.

There are several uk suppliers of pool tables and equipment, for example supreme pool tables which supplies their supreme prince pool table to northern clubs and pubs. These kind of suppliers are offer cues, balls and a complete range of pool tables.…

Website Design Stockport

How to make a success of your website – the Do’s and Dont’s

Choosing a Designer :

website designer stockport1. Don’t choose a website company where you have to go through switchboards and salesmen. If you have problems or queries it’s important that you can pick up the phone and talk directly to your web designer to sort them out quickly.

2. Do choose a designer who can offer a personal service. They will be accustomed to talking directly with small business owners unlike a larger company where the designers are geeks who have no idea of how a small business works and have never heard of profit and loss.

3. Don’t choose a large business just because you’ve heard of it – your costs will be higher because they will have many overheads. A smaller local business is often better when it comes to both pricing and service.

4. Do choose a designer who is keen to help you promote your business. Getting established on Google is a number one priority and for a local business, local promotion on the Internet is a must.

5. Watch out for ‘here today, gone tomorrow ‘ merchants who don’t really care about your business and just want the quick fee. You need someone experienced who takes a genuine interest in your business, is keen to help it grow and cares about your bottom line. Check out their testimonials and existing customers.

6. If possible, choose a designer who has experience in different businesses – they will understand your needs much better and you will be much more likely to ‘connect’.

For a Website designer in Stockport I recommend Home Page Website Design in Poynton.  For example see Hunt and Mitton and their bellows seal control valves.

Choosing a Style :

1. Don’t go …