Website Design Stockport

How to make a success of your website – the Do’s and Dont’s

Choosing a Designer :

website designer stockport1. Don’t choose a website company where you have to go through switchboards and salesmen. If you have problems or queries it’s important that you can pick up the phone and talk directly to your web designer to sort them out quickly.

2. Do choose a designer who can offer a personal service. They will be accustomed to talking directly with small business owners unlike a larger company where the designers are geeks who have no idea of how a small business works and have never heard of profit and loss.

3. Don’t choose a large business just because you’ve heard of it – your costs will be higher because they will have many overheads. A smaller local business is often better when it comes to both pricing and service.

4. Do choose a designer who is keen to help you promote your business. Getting established on Google is a number one priority and for a local business, local promotion on the Internet is a must.

5. Watch out for ‘here today, gone tomorrow ‘ merchants who don’t really care about your business and just want the quick fee. You need someone experienced who takes a genuine interest in your business, is keen to help it grow and cares about your bottom line. Check out their testimonials and existing customers.

6. If possible, choose a designer who has experience in different businesses – they will understand your needs much better and you will be much more likely to ‘connect’.

For a Website designer in Stockport I recommend Home Page Website Design in Poynton.  For example see Hunt and Mitton and their bellows seal control valves.

Choosing a Style :

1. Don’t go for a flashy all singing, all dancing page style – the search engines don’t like them and worse still neither will your customers. Prospects will quickly be put off and click away from your site if it does not immediately present them with what they are looking for.

2. It must be attractive, clear, easy to understand and navigate, and full of useful and interesting content. Complex pages are not appreciated by customers.

3. Don’t go for a template style just because it’s cheaper.  To effectively promote your business it is better to be individual and unique on the Internet unless finances don’t permit.

4. Make sure that people will find and see your new investment. You wouldn’t produce 5,000 new brochures and then leave them in your back cupboard for the next 5 years ! Your website address must appear on the first page of Google (using your keywords) on all your business stationary, adverts, flyers etc. and if you are a local business it should be promoted locally – on the internet.